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Free Standing Signs

Helpful Hints: Free Standing Signs

  • Reminder: Only FSU entities may place free-standing signs on campus.
  • Free-standing signs must promote an event or activity. They are not to be used for "general advertising" of an organization or department, but to promote a specific event or occurrence.
  • Signs may be placed on campus in designated locations for up to 7 days prior to the event/ occurrence and must be removed within 24-hours (by members of sponsoring FSU entity) upon completion of the event/activity.
  • Up to Five (5) A-Frames/Sandwich Boards/Tee Pees, (no larger than 4'X3') may be placed on campus at one time for one event/occurrence.
  • Up to Ten (10) Stake/Yard Signs (no larger than 24"X18") may be placed on campus at one time for a single event/occurrence.
  • The placement of free-standing signs must be in accordance with terms in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and are not to block sidewalks or walkways. For more information about ADA compliance, please contact the FSU Student Disability Resource Center.
  • Free-Standing signs must contain the name and contact information of the FSU sponsoring organization, department or entity.
  • Remember: your signs may be removed/re-located due to placement in improper location, damage due to weather, or other circumstances deemed necessary by the university.

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