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Posting Regulation

at Florida State University

Photo of Dodd Hall mural


Helpful Hints: Chalking

  • Reminder: Only FSU entities may chalk messages on FSU's campus.
  • Use powder-based chalk sticks. Do not use liquid or spray chalk or any other material.
  • Chalking is to be done on concrete surfaces (no brick or cobblestone areas) that are parallel to the sky in which chalk substances can be washed away completely by rain.
  • Do not chalk on the vertical sections of stairs/steps or on any facility.
  • Chalking is to be done in open areas that can be directly cleaned by rain. Do not chalk under awnings, bridges, tents or structures that have roofs/covers.
  • A chalked message is to promote an event/activity and shall represent dates/times/locations for that activity including the name of the sponsoring FSU entity.
  • Your organization / department may be contacted to wash-down your chalked message if it is done in an improper area or if it lasts for more than 2 weeks.
  • If chalk substances or markings cannot be removed, organizations may be charged for cleaning and/or damages.

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