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Posting Regulation

at Florida State University

Interior of Dodd Hall Museum

Open Platform Policy

FSU-3.003 Freedom of Expression Rights and Responsibilities, Open Platform Areas

  • Policy Statement Concerning Freedom of Speech. The right of all students and individuals to seek knowledge, debate ideas, form opinions and freely express their views is recognized, both as an individual right and an important part of the University culture. This right must be exercised in a manner which will not interfere with the same rights and freedoms of others in their enjoyment of the benefits of the programs offered by this University, or their lawful use of University facilities, including ingress and egress. Such rights may be exercised subject to applicable laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures, including lawful imposition of time, place, and manner restrictions that are consistent with the University's mission and the intent of this regulation.
  • Policy Statement Concerning Freedom of Assembly. The right or freedom of peaceful assembly is recognized and shall be protected. Meetings, assemblies, picketing activities, protests, and gatherings that do not disrupt the orderly functioning of the University and related activities qualify as peaceful and are therefore protected.
  • Designation of Open Platform Areas. The University recognizes the entire campus as open for debate and discussion. The University also recognizes that some debates, discussions, or gatherings may take place in a spontaneous manner and therefore has identified the following areas as highly visible, highly trafficked areas traditionally used and well-suited for unplanned gatherings. The green area on the east side of Moore Auditorium, pavilion on the south side of Moore Auditorium and north of the Legacy Walk sidewalk, and the grassy area between Gate K of the football stadium and the Heritage Fountain a are designated "open platforms" for this purpose. Any student or other individual who desires to be heard publicly on any issue of concern may use these areas subject to the provisions of this regulation at any time when previous scheduling does not preclude such use but only from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. local time. Amplification equipment is not allowed except as otherwise specifically permitted and may be subject to the same restrictions as in Section 6 herein. Temporary changes to location boundaries and any other necessary adjustments due to current construction or other unavoidable circumstances or conditions may be made by the University on an as-needed basis. In addition, the University may temporarily designate any space on campus as an open platform space to ensure that students have the ability to be meaningfully heard. Speech is not limited to open platform areas; students may reserve space pursuant to this and other University regulations and policies. Open platform areas can be reserveable space and groups holding reservations may receive priority over spontaneous activities. Planned use of campus areas and facilities by groups and individuals is generally governed by FSU Regulation FSU-2.007, Use of Campus Facilities.
  • Planned Outdoor Assemblies. Organized or prearranged outdoor assemblies shall be registered at least twenty-four hours in advance in the Oglesby Union Guest Services Office. Exceptions to the twenty-four-hour notice requirement and amplification permission consistent with Section 6 herein may be granted by the Union Director or designee. Guest Services may refer requests out to other University offices for approval, as appropriate.
  • Meetings (Indoor, Reserveable Space). The Student Government Association, recognized student organizations, or other student groups may hold meetings inside University buildings, provided prior approval is granted by the Guest Services Office and subject to University policy and space availability. See for details. Guest Services may refer requests out to other University offices for approval, as appropriate.
    1. Space Requests, Members of the Public. Absent exigent circumstances, members of the public may only rent University facilities for speaker events during scheduled academic breaks (e.g., spring, holiday, and summer breaks).
  • Amplification. Public address systems and other electrical amplification equipment may be utilized for permitted events by the Student Government Association, recognized student organizations, and other student groups subject to venue availability and scheduling approval by the Guest Services Office, and subject to approval by the Oglesby Union's Event Permitting Office. All such use of public address systems or other amplification equipment shall maintain a reasonable sound level which meets the communication needs of the event without excessive noise penetration to adjacent areas.
  • (1) Circulation of Literature (Non-Commercial). Students' right to write and distribute literature and to express thoughts and beliefs is acknowledged. Individual students, recognized student organizations, and other student groups may circulate non-commercial literature, provided it is identified by authorship and sponsorship, subject to applicable provisions of FSU Regulation FSU-2.0131 Posting, Chalking Advertising and Active Distribution of Materials on FSU Campuses.
  • Circulation of Literature (Commercial). Commercial solicitations are governed by FSU Regulation FSU-2.013.
  • Speaker Invitations. Recognized student organizations, the Student Government Association, academic departments, alumni groups, and other University-affiliated groups may invite persons from outside the University to speak to their memberships and the public. If University facilities are to be used for holding the meeting, prior scheduling and space reservations approval shall be obtained from the Guest Services Office or other University departments, as appropriate. Speakers wishing to express all varieties of opinions and viewpoints are welcome at the University.
    1. Speaker Invitations by Non-University Groups. Absent exigent circumstances, members of the public may only rent University facilities for speaker events during scheduled academic breaks (e.g., spring, holiday, and summer breaks).
  • Political Activity. The Student Government Association and recognized student organizations may sponsor speeches, rallies, or other events by or for political candidates for federal, state or local office, subject to availability of suitable location based on size of crowd and time of speech.
  • Recordings. Recordings of speeches, gatherings, rallies, or other activities in open platform and reserved space at the University may be restricted by copyright protection. Additionally, despite the open nature of some gatherings, participants may still enjoy the expectation of privacy in certain conversations. Any person who records an event or conversation is expected to understand and accept the civil and criminal risks associated with the recording, and/or to take steps to reduce those risks prior to making the recording.

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