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Open Platform

Helpful Hints: Open Platform

  • The green area on the east side of Moore Auditorium, pavilion on the south side of Moore Auditorium and north of the Legacy Walk sidewalk, and the football stadium outside gate D in the grassy area are designated "open platforms". Any student or other individual who desires to be heard publicly on any issue of concern may use these areas subject to the provisions of this regulation at any time when previous scheduling does not preclude such use but only from 8a.m. to 10p.m. local time. The exact location boundaries and any temporary changes necessary because of current construction or other unavoidable circumstances or conditions may be found at Typically, the open platform areas are intended for individual expression made often on an unplanned basis. Planned use of campus areas and facilities by groups and individuals is generally governed by FSU Regulation FSU-2.007, Use of Campus Facilities.
  • Organized or prearranged outdoor assemblies shall be registered at least twenty-four hours in advance in the Oglesby Union Guest Services Office located in the University Union. Exceptions to the twenty-four hour notice requirement may be granted by the Union Director.
  • Public address systems and other electrical amplification equipment may be utilized by recognized student organizations subject to venue availability and scheduling approval by the Guest Services Office, and subject to approval by the Oglesby Union's Event Permitting Office. All such use of public address systems or other amplification equipment shall maintain a reasonable sound level which meets the communication needs of the event without excessive noise penetration to adjacent areas.
  • Students' right to write and distribute literature and to express thoughts and beliefs is acknowledged. Individual students, non-recognized and recognized student organizations may circulate literature, provided it is identified by authorship and sponsorship, subject to applicable provisions of FSU Regulation FSU-2.0131 Posting, Chalking Advertising and Active Distribution of Materials on FSU Campuses.

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